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2. Begin language learning during deputation

Looking for a way to help future colleagues get a jump start on language learning? There are some excellent options available using Skype. Live Lingua offers Skype lessons that are available in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and English.

If your language isn’t one offered, you could help one of your local teachers begin a Skype business. The following airline magazine article features this new industry. The comments at the end of the article are quite insightful.

3. Culture explorations linked with language learning tools

This past week the Centre for Lifelong Learning launched a major addition to the Culture Explorations blog. Carol Orwig, Certified Language and Culture Learning Consultant with SIL, has been working for the past year to coordinate a series of language learning tools that will complement the Culture Exploration tools based on the work of Herb Purnell, Ph. D. and Jean Sodemann (retiree). Each set of questions about culture (ethnographic research) is now linked to language learning tools for beginner- and intermediate-level speakers of the local language. Check them out at

You may want to try some explorations yourself, and then recommend them to some of your colleagues.

3. ICLL8 International Congress on Language Learning October 6-11, 2013

The purpose of ICLL is to enhance the effectiveness of those charged with ‘helping language learners succeed’. ICLL is a triennial event that brings together (from all over the world) Christian language coaches, language teachers, language school administrators, pre-field and on-field trainers in language acquisition skills and techniques, linguists, academicians, college professors, and more, to gain perspective, share concerns and get updated on what is currently happening in the field of language learning. Those responsible to supervise others in language learning greatly benefit by face-to-face conferencing with likeminded colleagues in other agencies

Registration and more information is available at

8. Language learning software reviews

Nancy Sturrock noted and notified us of a new website offering reviews of a range of language learning software. She writes: “Very interesting site reviewing and comparing language learning software. Right now only a limited number of languages, but I imagine it will grow. I don’t know if this gal is a believer or not, but apparently she lives in Thailand!

Check it out!”

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