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7. Biblical Answers for struggling marriages

Tim Cole’s (Japan) book Biblical Answers for Struggling Marriages is complete in Kindle and iBook format, and can be purchased from Amazon or iTunes. The book offers an in-depth understanding of God’s intentions for marriage, and how to find hope, courage, and wisdom to survive and thrive in a difficult marriage. Arranged in 31 lessons it is suitable for couples to read together, for personal devotions, or for small group study. Sales income will be used for publishing two more of Tim’s books on biblical sexuality for youth in Japanese. Biblical Answers… can be purchased through the following links:




1. A Guide to Prayer from the Upper Room

Pat Wright (retiree) sent us a suggestion of a resource for your Day of Prayer and Vision. A Guide to Prayer for Ministers and other Servants (Job, R. and N. Sawchuck, 1998. The Upper Room: Nashville TN) is a complete devotional guide with prayers, Scripture texts, and readings for reflection collected in weekly themes drawn from the liturgical calendar. What Pat highlighted for us was a section at the end of the book with twelve models for a day-long “retreat,” including an outline and schedule for the day, and a number of suggested readings, themes, and meditation guides. It could be a terrific resource for a fresh perspective on your Day of Prayer and Vision (not to mention your devotional life throughout the year). The book is available on, in print and Kindle editions.

6. So many books, so little time!

Do you ever face this dilemma, or wonder which book will be the best investment of your limited time and resources? Kurt zurBurg (Ukraine) recently reminded the Centre for Lifelong Learning that Tom Sampley (Czech Republic, now Missions Coach at Southeast Hub) is an avid, eclectic reader, and what’s more, he frequently shares a brief summary of what he is reading with those on his prayer letter list. If you would like to benefit from his insight, you could probably write to in order to be put on his mailing list. We have uploaded one recent summary here at

The Reading Corner

6. Jesus calling (Young, 2004)

Another idea that one of our colleagues shared during a Comprehensive Debrief, was their use of the devotional Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. This woman has provided copies of the devotional in Spanish and English to the young interns (some North Americans, some Mexicans) with whom she is working. She writes “we wanted to get away from teaching tools this summer with the interns and more towards worship and reflection. It was wonderful. The book is written from the Lord’s perspective to His children and uses scripture to support each devotion. It didn’t bog us down with more ‘to do’ lists, but let us sit in the presence of Jesus instead =). Highly recommended!”

Do you have an idea that might help our colleagues be more effective in their work? Some simple activity that has worked well for you? Please share it here as a post that we all can learn from.

8. The future of the global church (Johnstone, 2011)

In The Future of the Global Church, another landmark book by Patrick Johnstone, “we are given a fantastic introduction to the major challenges, issues, and opportunities in Christian mission today. Using this in tandem with Operation World gives readers the global context for local issues,” according to Justin Long, missions researcher for Mission to Unreached Peoples.

Long adds, “Johnstone has written what is likely his magnum opus, a book that deserves careful perusal and a place on the bookshelves of any mission-passionate Christian. I hope that a careful reading especially of the people clusters of the world will unlock the visionary calling and obedience of a new generation of missionaries who will bring the blessing to the ends of the earth.”

The book is available in print form from InterVarsity Press, and as downloadable PDF file, and additional media files and exclusive material are available in the Digital Collection.

6. Free book online: Bribery and the Bible

Ron Kotesky, a member care consultant for GO International, has made available a free online copy of Bribery and the Bible written by Richard Langston and published in 1991 by Campus Crusade Asia Limited in Singapore. This book gives a Biblical perspective on bribery and extortion and applies that perspective to bribery issues in the Philippines where Langston had served before moving to Singapore. You can find a review of this book (and many others) at MaryLou’s Reviews.

10. Vuja dé

Vuja dé is the ability to look at something familiar like you have never seen it before. The lack of vuja dé makes disruptive ideas hard to imagine. It causes us to defend underperforming structures and resist potentially breakthrough ideas. Seize the Vuja dé is the second book based on Steve Moore’s popular monthly video blog, Learning @ the Speed of Life. Visit to explore each chapter in the book free in four different formats: watch, listen, read online or as a PDF. If you prefer the convenience of bundling the content in a single resource purchase the Kindle or paperback version via

7. The Missionary Call

Irene Mellema (Recruitment Coordinator) suggested a book to us that was recently published by Moody Press, The Missionary Call (2008, David M. Sills, Chicago: Moody Press).The book examines some practical question about discerning and responding to God’s call to reach the nations.This could be a helpful resource to share with a friend who is considering missions, or a contact from a missions conference or a church visit.

Bob Creson, President of Wycliffe Bible Translators writes: “Dr. Sills leads his readers through a methodical evaluation of the complexities of a missionary calling without being formulaic or unnecessarily mysterious. This book should be in the toolkit of anyone exploring a calling to cross-cultural ministry. I will recommend it to all of Wycliffe’s candidates.” You can find out more (and order the book) at The Missionary Call.

2. The Gutenberg Project

The Gutenberg Project is a simple concept. Their goal is to take printed books and make them available electronically to anyone with internet access. Most are in the public domain, so there is no copyright problem for downloading and using the material. There are more than 27,000 texts currently available, with more being added every day. Most texts are classic literature, and many books are in other languages: Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Tagalog, Maori, Korean, Russian, … Have a look, and read a classic.

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