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6. Nurturing a thought

Steve Edlin (Counseling Office) shared this e-book for new – and not so new – mothers. Sarah Raiter, the author and artist, describes it as “Faith reflections with paint and pen by a mother/mentor/artist…fueled by life experiences in Pakistan, Australia & America.” Nourishing thoughts from the Bible are complemented by fresh, original art, making this colorful little book an ideal gift. Nurturing a thought is available FREE in iBooks format for Apple, iPad, and iPhone mobile users. Go to

and click “Buy.” The price will come up as US$ 0.00, and you will get a link to download the book to your iOS device. A hard copy book (198 pages) is also available through Blurb in hard- or soft-cover.

Getting Sent

Sommer, Pete.  Getting Sent: A Relational Approach to Support Raising.  Inter Varsity Press, 1999.

This is the Inter Varsity “version” of the book written for Navigators.  It has good sections on the Biblical basis for support raising, organizational methods, and contacting individuals.  It too is weak on building relationships with the church.  This book is somewhat dated and emphasizes organizational methods that are not related to computer applications.

Funding Your Ministry Whether You’re Gifted or Not!

Morton, Scott.  Funding Your Ministry Whether You’re Gifted or Not!  Dawsonmedia, 1977.

Morton is with the Navigators, and his job is to help train people to put together their support team.  His book is very practical, and he provides great tools.  He is especially rich on the need to be organized. He takes a fairly humorous approach to the subject and includes a lot of cartoons about the subject, so the book is fun and easy to read.  Morton is also very weak in his approach to the local church, and he, in effect, says that trying to contact churches other than your own church is a waste of time.  He emphasizes more the potential of support from individuals.  Morton’s book is aimed primarily at Navigator staff missionaries, so the reader needs to “interpret” his terms and context to fit an overseas ministry situation.

More Than Money; More Than Faith

Johnson, Paul I.  More Than Money; More Than Faith.  Pleasant Word. 2007

Johnson’s book most fits TEAM’s philosophy of drawing on resources from both individuals and churches, and his stated philosophy of building close relationships with supporters on a spiritual level is unique.  He and his wife served with Wycliffe for a number of years.  His book is weak on practical helps…he mentions some good things but gives very little detail.

People Raising

Dillon, William.  People Raising.  Moody Press, 1993.

Bill Dillon is the founder and director of Inner City Impact, a ministry to the inner city of Chicago.  His book is basically the support raising technique he teaches all of his staff.  He has a great section on the Biblical basis of support raising.  He emphasizes a one-on-one approach to sharing vision and literally asking for support.  The weakness, I feel, In the book is the secondary emphasis on building relationships and cultivating support form churches as well as his more heavy handed approach to “closing the deal” when people do talk with individuals.

Friend Raising

Barnett, Betty.  Friend Raising.  YWAM Publishing Company, 1991.

The title of this book reveals the secret of Ms. Barnett’s thesis of putting together a support team…build relationships.  This book is high on inspiration but fairly low on hands-on, practical ideas.

Resources for Fund Raising


There are a number of books that have been written to help people assemble a support team.  Below are those with which I am familiar:

4. Hidden in My Heart

“When [nine-year-old] Taylor Murray arrived in Japan, she felt like she was on an adventure – an adventure that God had called her family to take. The unique food, the strange language and the foreign culture were exciting and new.

“But the novelty of life overseas wore off, and Taylor became overwhelmed with frustration, loneliness and the sorrow of leaving everything she knew – the States, her home, her extended family – for everything she didn’t know. She kept these emotions hidden in her heart until they reached a boiling point.

“Written as a series of individual prayers to God, Hidden in My Heart tells Taylor’s story as she transparently unloads her grief and anger on him and, surprisingly, finds him willing to listen and bring her to a place of healing and – ultimately – joy.”

Taylor, a homeschooler, became a TCK when she was nine years old. She realizes that TCKs live between two worlds and often experience unique struggles. Her desire is to help other TCKs reflect on their emotions and pursue God’s perspective. Taylor currently resides in Hiroshima, Japan. She enjoys writing and playing the piano. To connect with Taylor, visit

The book is available through Pioneers at

5. Rice, noodles, bread or chapati?

ChapattiWe received an announcement of a soon-to-be-released book about the TCK experience from an Asia perspective. Belinda Ng would like to introduce a new book by adult Asian MK/TCKs to you. For more details write to Though stories are by Asians, I can assure you that the experiences and issues are global and all MK/TCKs can identify. The book will be released in late May

7. Pathways of TEAM in Pakistan

Jean Sodemann recently completed a compilation of TEAM’s work in (Pakistan), a sequel to Karen Pietsch’s Mosaic which covered the first 25 years of TEAM’s work there. The Franson Resource Center in Wheaton has two copies, which can be borrowed from our collection of missions-focused resources. You can get your own copy by writing to Matthew Dalton, 14215 Whiterock Dr., La Mirada, CA 90638 USA.

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