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Reading: Picture Books

Level: Intermediate

Skill: Reading

Purpose: To help you read an easy story, with the help of the pictures.  The goal is to learn to read more fluently.

What to do:

Step 1: Find an appropriate book. What you are looking for is a children’s book with lots of pictures. In fact, you should start with books for very small children, if you can find them, in which there is a picture for every sentence or two.

Step 2: Build Vocabulary. Point to anything in the pictures for which you don’t know the word, and ask your LH to say the word. You can use the Listen and Do technique to be sure you know the words.

Step 3: Read the story. You can try to read the story on your own, or read it aloud to your LH, asking questions about anything you don’t understand.  If you read the story on your own, then ask your LH questions the next time  you meet. If the story is a local one, you may also have some cultural questions to discuss. You  might want to ask your LH to read the story aloud to you, and make a digital recording to listen to.

Step 4: Retell the story. This is an optional step, but you can try to retell the story afterwards, rather than reading it. This will show how much of the vocabulary you remember and whether you can retell the important events in the story.

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