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Reading the Signs

Level:  Beginner

Skill:  Reading

Purpose:  to help you to recognize some of the most important and most common signs you meet out in the community.  The goal is to recognize important signs immediately when you see them.

Why needed:  Some signs you will see everywhere  and really want to recognize when you see them.  For example:  entrance, exit, do not enter, stop, toilet or (WC, Women, Men).  Others might include Pharmacy, bank, speed limit.  Other signs will you want to recognize may have to do with your personal needs and interests.

Signs may not be a big problem if you find the script easy to read, but if you are still struggling to decipher a non-Roman script, or if you find it difficult to read different fancy fonts used in signs, then this technique may help you.

What to Do:

Step 1.  Talk with your LH about signs you would like to be able to read.  If possible get your LH to go out into the community with you and take pictures of the signs you want to recognize, or take the pictures on your own.

Step 2:  Back at home, go over the pictures of the signs with your LH.  Use the Listen and Do technique to learn to recognize the signs.  A slightly more difficult version of this technique would have your LH say things like:  “You want to get out of the parking lot”  You would point to the Exit sign.  Or “You need to wash your hand”  You point to the sign for  WC.

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