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Listen and Do and Speak (Building Speaking on TPR)

Level:  Beginner

Skill:  Speaking

Purpose: To learn to say words you have learned to recognize through the Look and Listen and Do technique. The main skill in focus is speaking. The goal is vocabulary building, and learning to say words you are already familiar with.

What to Do:

Step 1: Review a set of words you have already learned to recognize, using the Listen and Do technique. Make sure you still remember them and can easily make the connection between the object and the spoken words.

Step 2: Using the same pictures you have just reviewed, the LH asks you “What is this?” or “What is he/she doing?” while pointing at one of the pictures. You say the word, then the LH says it after you, and you listen to see if you said it correctly. The LH should be the last person you hear saying the word, not you. So if you say it wrong the first time, and want to say it again, then ask the LH to say it again after you.

Note: In general it is good to do the Listen and Do activity and to listen to the recording of those words for at least one day before trying to say the words. The first time you listen, concentrate on the meaning. Once you are recognizing the meaning of the words easily, then pay more attention to the sounds.

If there are a lot of difficult sounds in the words, it might be better to listen for several days, before trying to speak. This gives you a better auditory image in your ear of what the word sounds like, and your pronunciation will probably be better when do you speak.

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  1. Sagar says:

    I believe that litnesing can be taught to a certain extent.First, the crucial point to note is that it isn’t necessary to understand EVERY word. Learners make this mistake. They hear a word they don’t understand, and, consciously or unconsciously, their mind attempts to analyse it, by which time, they’d miss the following words, and, of course, they lose the context completely by then.Second, yes, practice is essential. I always say, remember that a child spends almost two to three years just litnesing before uttering a correct sentence, so patience, my friend.Great ideas, Ceci.

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