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Exploring Culture

Begin the Culture Learning adventure

The “Culture” Category link on the right-hand sidebar will get you started immediately.

A thorough explanation for how to use the site can be found here. Other tabs include suggestions for the Mentor/Coach and tools for recording your observations for later analysis.

Each post includes a series of questions that will give direction to your exploration of a culture topic and a “Language Tools” button to give you ideas for how to use your Language Learning time in preparation for the Culture activity.


These guided discovery activities for language and culture learners are based on work done by Herb Purnell, Ph. D.* (professor emeritus of applied linguistics and TESOL, Biola University) and adapted by Jean Sodemann, M. A. (International Language Learning Consultant, ret., TEAM) in consultation with the Centre for Lifelong Learning. The “Language Tools” link  takes you to Language Learning recommendations written by Carol J. Orwig (Certified Senior Language and Culture Learning Consultant, SIL). The self-directed learner and those working with a Language Helper will find many useful ideas.

*Purnell, H. (2004). A Language and Culture Learning Program for Independent Learners (preliminary rev. ed.; privately produced)

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