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Deputation Toolkit

The Deputation Toolkit is a collaborative space for us to share ideas, tips, and tools that will make our ministry more effective as we build partnerships for Kingdom work.

Please browse, copy, and use any of these tips or tools that you think will be useful. then respond with you comments of how your experience went, how it could be improved, and so on.

we also welcome your own ideas, and descriptions of what has worked for you. Feel free to post and comment in any category. You will need to register in order to comment or post (that will help limit the spammers and web-bots that keep trying to access or infiltrate our sites. Once you have registered, then you can post a comment or a new discussion thread, which will appear on the site as soon as the webmaster can approve it.

we look forward to a lively and informative conversation, and we hope that these resources will help make your ministry more effective.


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