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a visit with Tom Sampley:

What to read this month? I recently finished Benjamin Wiker’s book, “Worshipping the State : How Liberalism Became Our State Religion.”  Like his earlier book, “Moral Darwinism,” this one is quite heavy on philosophy, theology, history, and political science, and how these interact through the ages, especially under the hands of men like Machiavelli, Henry VIII, Hobbes, Rousseau and Locke. Did I put you to sleep yet? His basic thesis: secular liberalism IS a religion, and as such, it too should not be “established” by the government. But unless God does a miracle in the hearts of the people of our country (and France is in a similar situation, perhaps worse), I’m not as optimistic as is Wiker about the potential for reversing the current “insanity” of our western civilization (as John Piper says). And yet, as we still seek to faithfully serve our God, old J. I. Packer give us a great reminder of how God works, in his recent little book: “Weakness is the Way: Life with Christ Our Strength.” Packer continues to bless me, as he has since I became a Christian over 40 years ago.

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