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5. Teaching in a distant land (IVP, 2009)

Beth Wyse has been reading a book which she recommends to the readers of NYCU: Teaching in a Distant Land: Crossing Borders for Global Transformation by Michael Romanowski and Teri McCarthy (IVP, 2009). She writes:

“Written by international university educators, it draws from their cross-cultural teaching experiences in nearly a dozen countries. It is the result of observing “Christian teachers who have struggled and felt ill-equipped for their task.” It is especially strong in providing a missiological foundation for teaching as a primary ministry. Their insights are equally applicable to seasoned veteran educators, subject matter experts (who may not be trained teachers) taking a university position, and recent college graduates.Every chapter concludes with reflective questions, “going deeper” exercises and further reading recommendations.


“The book discusses a variety of important topics:

  • the need to integrate a Biblical worldview and educational philosophy in light of the cross-cultural assignment
  • reflecting on the teacher’s motivation and expectations for teaching overseas
  • insight into assessing worldview and educational philosophy of the host country
  • the importance of teaching excellence in developing credible gospel relationships with students and colleagues, and
  • the significance of prayer for effective teaching ministry


“Though the book was written for education professionals, it is an excellent resource for anyone with leadership responsibility for educators. It makes a thorough case for the role and responsibility of teaching as the primary ministry task. It will equip the leader to empower teachers to effective ministry.”

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