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What is the parental attitude toward schooling for children? How much education should boys/girls have?

To which grade can a child study in the local setting? In order to study further, would the child have to be sent elsewhere? To a boarding school? or to stay with relatives while studying? What value is placed on education by the family? by the community? by the tribe? Does the amount of education received affect the type of employment available? The choice of a marriage partner?

What is considered the minimum education required for an office job? for maintenance work? for a physician? etc.? Would any of these require specialized education and is this readily available? Is there discrimination in admission procedures? In what way?

How is the completion of an educational course acknowledged? Is there a graduation ceremony sponsored by the institution? What does the family or community do to celebrate? Are gifts given and received? By whom and to whom?

What are the expectations of the community, the nation, the family, from a graduate?

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