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3. Steve Macchia: Crafting a rule of life

While visiting my son in Africa last week, he introduced me to a book that he had just started reading. I picked it up and was immediately drawn in to the theme, so much so that I bought a copy for me, and another for our other son, so that the three of us could read and reflect on it together in our widely separated locations. Steve Macchia invites us to learn a “well-ordered way,” and provides biblical and historical reflections along with a workbook format to help the reader craft their own “rule of life.” Macchia writes in the introduction, “All of us have a personal rule of life that we are following, some with great clarity, others unknowingly. … Though your life seems full, does it at times feel unfulfilling and empty?” God’s invitation is to prayerfully listen to Him, articulate, and then implement a path for “the simple routines of everyday life, bursting from a well-ordered heart and resulting in the well-ordered way.” Crafting a Rule of Life is available at and other outlets, in paperback and Kindle formats.

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