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ELIM Family Retreat, June 2014

Barnabas International and ELIM Retreat Ministries are offering a Retreat for 5 whole families of missionaries at their retreat site  in Michigan. The Retreat will be led by a team that has been trained by staff of Missions Training International and Alongside Inc. with a specific focus on the care of whole families transitioning back and forth betweee the States and their homes abroad.

This Retreat is 6 days long,  June 10-15, 2014, at a cost of only $160.00 per family.  The Retreat is exclusively for families that have returned to the States from overseas for home assignment. The family may be at any stage of their home assignment.  The purpose of the Retreat is to offer low key opportunities for debriefing and personal spiritual renewal for individuals, couples and families; a chance for families to relax and play; some time structured—alot of time unstructured.  The Retreat site is 1400 acres of private land with 1.5 miles of beach front on Lake Huron; a private and beautiful, kid friendly environment.

Each family lives in their own home by themselves for the Retreat.  To register, go to and click on the dates, June 10-15.

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